Terms and Conditions

1. The Client must pack items properly. Items which are packed insufficiently or unsuitably for transport will not be covered by our insurance policy. Our insurance coverage pertains to damages specifically arising from fire, theft, collision, or the overturning of the transporting vehicle. Improperly packed items are excluded from this coverage.

2. The Client must check their goods upon arrival at delivery destination. Once the delivery note (CMR) is signed off by the Client, any subsequent claims for damage will not be considered.

3. The Client must provide a full inventory list, with the estimated value and total weight of goods they wish to transport.

4. Maximum load the Luton Van can take is 1000KG and 24 cubic meters. If the Client exceeds the quoted capacity or weight, Jovada Express will ask for additional payment.

5. The weight of a single box should not exceed 25KG packed by the Client, unless otherwise specified in the job listing.

6. Should the weight of The Clients’ goods be higher than the one agreed, or should the Client have more goods that will not fit onto the van, Jovada Express reserves the right to make additional charges and store the Clients goods until a price is agreed.

7. Should we provide additional services or encounter unforeseen delays outside of our control, we may apply additional charges for waiting time or other unforeseen expenses required to complete the service.

8. The Client is responsible for ensuring parking availability during collection and delivery. Any charges incurred due to parking restrictions will be borne by the Client.

9. The driver will help to load and unload the goods free of charge up to the first floor. Any additional floors will be subject to additional £10.00, if we are not informed before the agreement is made.

10. The driver will only assist with loading and unloading of goods. Second person can be provided to help load and/or unload goods for an additional charge.

11. We may subcontract the transport, and hence any claim for loss, damage to goods, non-delivery or wrong delivery must be lodged against the individual Courier’s insurance and not to Jovada Express. We will be responsible for such if the cause is proved as negligence or the default of Jovada Express.

12. A deposit of 50% of the transport cost is required within 72 hours of booking acceptance. This should be payable to our bank account under 'Jovada Express'. The remaining 50% balance is due post collection of goods but prior to delivery. We accept cash payments either upon collection or at the delivery point.

13. Unless a declared value is provided by the Client, our liability for loss or damage to items due to our negligence is capped at £25 per item.

14. In the event of damage to antique items and/or works of art insured hereunder liability is restricted to the reasonable cost of repairs and no claim is recoverable in respect of depreciation. In no case shall liability hereunder for such repairs exceed the sum insured in respect of the damaged article.

15. All customs documentation, requested by us and our customs agents, must be sent prior to loading unless agreed otherwise. Any delays caused by late provision of documents will be subject to a charge of £50 per day of delay.

16. Jovada Express will cover EXPORT customs fees for moves originating from Great Britain. Additional customs charges within the EU might be incurred, for which the Client will be responsible. The Client will be informed of such charges prior to transport.

17. Any deposits made by the Client are non-refundable if a cancellation occurs within 7 days prior to the scheduled move date.

18. Neither party shall be liable for any failure or delay in performing its obligations under these terms and conditions if such failure or delay is caused by circumstances beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to acts of God, natural disasters, war, strikes, or governmental restrictions.

19. Jovada Express complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and is committed to protecting the privacy of the Client's personal data. Any personal data collected will be used solely for the purpose of providing the transport service and not shared with third parties, except customs authorities, without the Client's express consent.

20. Jovada Express reserves the right to amend or update these terms and conditions from time to time. Any changes will be communicated to our clients in advance.

21. Jovada Express reserves the right to terminate the service agreement in cases of severe misconduct, fraud, or any activity that violates the terms and conditions by the Client.

22. The Client must inform Jovada Express in advance of any potentially hazardous or dangerous goods. Jovada Express reserves the right to refuse transport of such items.

23. The Client is responsible for ensuring that all their items are accounted for during the loading and unloading process. Jovada Express is not responsible for items that were not declared or included in the inventory list.

24. Certain items are prohibited from transport due to safety or legal reasons. A list of these items is available upon request and Jovada Express reserves the right to refuse transport of such items.

25. In cases where goods are stored, either due to excess size/weight or other reasons, Jovada Express is not responsible for any damages or losses that might occur during the storage period unless expressly agreed upon.

26. Payments not made within the stipulated time frame may incur interest charges at a rate of 8% per month, or the maximum allowed by applicable UK law, whichever is lower.

27. In the event of any disputes arising from these terms and conditions or the services provided by Jovada Express, both parties agree to first attempt to resolve the matter amicably. If no resolution can be reached, both parties agree to pursue formal arbitration in the UK before resorting to litigation.